Review of the Tract Controversy: Being Substantially a Reprint of an Editorial Article in the New-York Journal of Commerce, of April 19th, 22d, and 24th, 1845. Contained also in Extras of the Same Paper, Dated April 23d and 26th.

New-York: Leavitt, Trow and Company, 1845. First edition. 8vo, removed, 62 pages. Foxed; a good, sound copy. Item #11361

On finding a middle ground in publishing (and editing) tracts so as not lead to denominational controversy; the synod of the New School Presbyterian Church had taken issue with the "mutilations" of the Tract Society's edition J. H. Merle D'Aubigne's history of the Reformation (one concern being that it was edited to reflect badly on infant baptism). Hallock becomes strangely involved in this question, taking what, for a newspaper editor, seems the curious stance that "there is no such thing as the mutilation of a book by omissions fairly made and distinctly announced. The work itself is not mutilated, because there are a plenty [sic] of complete copies existing, and it is easy to multiply them to any extent."

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