Omens of the Age: A Prohetic Guide to the Times in Which We Live. Gilbert C. Saddler.

Omens of the Age: A Prohetic Guide to the Times in Which We Live.

Johannesburg, South Africa: Destiny Publishers of South Africa, 1950. Third edition, with minor revisions. 8vo, original printed oilcloth wrappers, xvi, 192, [4] pages. One map in the text. Wrappers somewhat rubbed and a bit discolored and nearly shaken from the text block; a good, sound copy. Item #16622

First published in 1947, an extensive piece of prophetic interpretation taken from lectures delivered in Cape Town by a South African figure at the latter end of the heyday of the Anglo-Israelite or British Israelism movement (which maintains in its various strains that the English people are descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel and that the English royal family are descended directly from King David); Saddler addresses questions of race in his prefatory "Dedication"--"In this racial infested land our ours--South Africa--there is no better antidote for racialistic poison than the prophetic conception of the Scriptures, which prove that both races in this country--Afrikaner and British--are descended from one and the same parent stock--Israel. They should, therefore, sink their differences and close their ranks against the insidious infiltration of Nazism and Communism, which has crept into our country during the war years and are trying to raise their Satanic heads to strike a the interests of the Commonwealth of Israel." (The role of those whom Saddler would no doubt class aas the Sons of Ham is curiously elided.) With characteristic extensive ink underlining in the chapter on the signs of the Second Advent as seems endemic to such works; a few other marginal notes. Biding staples rusted.

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