Item #18231 Stampless cover, autograph letter signed Mary Barrett, to Mrs. Oliva Adams, Dayton, Ohio. Millerite, Mary Barrett, Adventist.

Stampless cover, autograph letter signed Mary Barrett, to Mrs. Oliva Adams, Dayton, Ohio.

New Ipswich, New Hampshire, Sept. 26, 1842. 2.5 pages on an unlined bifolium, 9.88 x 8 inches, approx. 975 words. Somewhat browned, with a few stains to the cover; a few small holes at the intersections of folds (but no loss of sense), some loss to word from the wax seal; still, in very good condition. Item #18231

Millerites in the neighborhood, funerals and weddings. A newsy letter from Mary Appleton Barrett (1775-1853), relaying a spate of marriages (her youngest daughter—presumably Dora Everett Barrett Spalding, per gravestones and public records—has married and left home) and deaths (Widow Barrett’s funeral was that very afternoon; their local congressman, “Esq. [William] Ainsworth,” was brought home to be buried the previous June). Of the Widow Barrett, Mary notes, “she was sick about 2 weeks, she was very happy in the prospect of death, and anxious to be gone, altho’ she had so much to make life desirable. . . . I think it is a great loss to her Children and grandchildren and all friends and acquaintances, her only remaining sister was able to come and be with her in her sickness, Mrs. Ainsworth.” The news of various funerals leads to reports of local religious sentiment: “It is of the Lord’s mercys that we are still spared, when so many are call’d. When I wrote to you last, it was in the midst of a revival of religion. It did not continue very long, some unpleasant circumstances seem’d to flow after, Methodist Ministers came in very much, and they have actually erected a meeting house near Mrs. Obears, and form’d a Society. . . . I am not able to say precisely how many have join’d Mr Lee’s Church but I should think not far from sixty. . . . There has been a Miller Camp meeting for a week past in the woods on Capt. Willards land – we did not attend, for we do not believe in that doctrine. One thing, after another seem to come up, which is rather trying to our good Minister, but he does not despond under it.”.

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