Real photo postcard portrait of John Cudney, the itinerant faith healer known as Brother Isaiah.

N. p. n. p., [between 1918-1930, but ca. 1920]. Real photo postcard on AZO paper, 5.5 x 3.5 inches, sepia photograph crudely labeled in the image “The Miracle Man.”. Image somewhat overexposed, some light soiling to the verso and light wear; in very good condition. Item #18832

The eccentric Canadian-born John Cudney (1847-1934), known as Brother Isaiah, was the self-proclaimed 88th incarnation of the prophet Isaiah and possessed of healing powers. His healing revivals drew great crowds; for those he was unable to bless personally, Cudney offered to bless handkerchiefs sent to him. Cudney makes the expected number of newspaper appearances the early 1920s, and his New Orleans revivals were the subject of an early scholarly article, John M. Fletcher. “The Miracle Man of New Orleans.” The American Journal of Psychology, vol. 33, no. 1, 1922, pp. 113–120. JSTOR, JSTOR, (Fletcher notes that Cudney suggested wives could leave their husbands if suitably inspired by God; given this tenet and Brother Isaiah’s practice of laying-on hands, Fletcher predicts, “makes it entirely possible that the matter may at any time have a sudden and unsavory ending.”).

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