“To the Women of New England.” Autograph ink circular, signed by 11 members of the Committee of Correspondence of Boston women raising funds for the Bunker Hill Monument.

Boston, April 3, 1830. 2 pages on 1 leaf, 10.13 x 8 inches, approx. 530 words. Splitting just slightly at portions of the old folds; a little toned, with a few spots of foxing; in very good condition. Item #18960

A fair copy of one of the American editor’s three great American legacies—Hale was not only the author of “Mary’s Lamb,” and the motive force behind the Thanksgiving holiday (as well as the longtime editor of Godey’s Ladies Book), but she was also one of the great fundraisers for the Bunker Hill monument, a project that stalled a number of times and met with numerous setbacks, until it was finally dedicated in 1842. The text of this appeal was published in the Hale’s Ladies Magazine and Literary Gazette, and appeals especially to the patriotic sentiment of New England women: “The Money given will be a *charity* by furnishing employment for industrious Labourers, as well as an aid in finishing a Monument to the memory of those pious Patriots who by perils and sacrifices secured to use the peaceable enjoyment of our civil and religious privileges. We trust that none of our sex will be indifferent to these considerations. The Subscription is confined to Females – but children of both sexes are permitted to contribute, and the smallest Sums given by them will be acknowledged. This regulation is adopted in the belief that a happy opportunity will thus be presented for Mothers to impress on the hearts of their children the remembrance of that great even to which as free Republicans we should ever look back with feelings of fervent gratitude towards those who laboured to secure our Independence and Liberty.” (Appletons’ notes that Hale’s efforts raised nearly $50,000 toward the monument.) The prominent Boston women whose signatures grace this document include Mrs. David L. Child, otherwise known as Lydia Maria Child, perhaps best known for her writings on behalf of abolition and women’s rights.

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