L. W. Washburn’s Bran New Show, and North American Indian Exhibition! . . . [caption title].

[N. p. n. p., ca. 1879]. Handbill broadside, 10 x 4.5 inches. Cheap paper toned but supple; some wear; in very good condition. Item #19353

A handbill promoting one of Leon Washburn’s many traveling troupes, this with Washburn himself performing his “Spade and Ladder Dance,” as well as vocal performances, clog dancing by the Daly Brothers, whistler A. S. B. Lathrop (“This act done without the aid of any bird call or instruments whatever”), a pet baby elephant, and several “Indian acts”—a supposed war dance, a scalp dance, “Mr. Blackchief” in his “Wonderful Circle Performance,” and the classic scene of Pocahontas saving John Smith—evidently performed with putative Native Americans. Reference to Burt Watson’s Irish songs including “Ed. Harrigan’s latest New York Success, ‘Babes on Our Block’ “ (for “Babies on the Block” from Harrigan’s 1879 musical, Mulligan Guard Ball) would seem to narrow the dates of the tour.

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