Bloom and Brier; or, As I Saw it, Long Ago. A Southern Romance. William Falconer.

Bloom and Brier; or, As I Saw it, Long Ago. A Southern Romance.

Philadelphia: Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger; Montgomery, Ala.: Joel White, 1870. First edition. Some trifling rubbing; a little soiling and toning; a very good copy. Item #19627

“The spring of 1865 was signalized by the final overthrow of the Confederacy, and by the first of June, the proud, the boastful, the defiant, ay, the victorious South! was wearing, well-set, the galling yoke of *subjugation,* with the PURITAN walking trimphantly through the land, and marking his way by a subversion of all the foundations upon which her society, her civilization, her wealth, and her imperiality, had ever reposed. Anarchy, chaos, idleness, dissoluteness, and debauchery, followed upon his march; but these were to *him* the sign, evidence, and emblem of his sway and authority, and sweet was his enjoyment: his want of true game and chivalry was to him the impervious shield against the natural shame, of having so long been engaged in the effort to place his foot upon the neck of the hated South.” A revisionist Southern romance set during the high period of plantation life in Alabama and the Civil War, with thoughtful men and sylph-like young women who would seem to argue that if the chivalrous South had but been left alone by the small-minded fanatics of the North, it would have worked out the question of slavery and industrialization in its own noble manner. (The South had clearly lost the war but as here was trying to win the hearts and minds of the Reconstruction.) Wright II, 883.

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