Six autograph letters to various public figures in Regency London, claiming that the writer is the unacknowledged daughter of a royal figure (presumably the Prince Regent) and accusing her correspondents of taking part in a conspiracy to have her declared insane.

[London? n. d., but ca. 1817-1820]. Six autograph letters in an eccentric hand in ink, on laid paper ranging from a scant 8 x 6.38 inches to half-sheets measuring 6.38 x 4 inches, 15 pages of correspondence plus integral covers, approx. 1900-2000 words. Some soiling, splitting in a couple of instances along old folds; in good to very good condition. Item #19712

“I have by buzz and whisper heard that you want to redress me, under the hope I shall forget what I have suffered, forget, what your barbarity has bitterly Ground, into flesh, Blood and bones, forget that I have a beloved soverighn [sic] and farther [for father], as Great a Victom [sic] as myself, only he is deceived he knows it not, and suffers in splender [sic, etc.], I knowing all, and the danger [daughter?] of Bath suffer in want, and that is all, you hellish Crew, the difference between us, hell I will have your Children your selves, then what would you say to the narrow hearted Little soul & urchin, that sprung from your Body, that would take Pelf on such Conditions, would not your very Bowels yawn, in just hatred against it, so Prepare not your Lumps of Pelf, for me ——— on such Condition, for in my Raggs and hungry Bowels I will kick it from me, as the filth I tread under my feet, and in these Raggs and hungry Bowels, down, down, down, I will hurle you his Conspirating Enemys. . . .” Powerful notes of anger and despair from a woman who refers to herself repeatedly as a “bitter Victom,” accusing cabinet members and the chief Bow Street magistrate and theatrical figures and assorted royalty of a conspiracy against her. (In one letter, she addresses Prince Frederick, Duke of York as “Dear Uncle,” and demands a return of her letters and a meeting with him.) Other correspondents include privy counciler Sir John Beckett; privy councilor Thomas Hamilton, Lord Binning; the chief magistrate of the Bow Street Runners, Sir Nathaniel Conant; and the Anglo-Irish actor, John Wallack. Other conspirators referenced in the letters include the Duke of Sussex and the Duke of Gloucester, barrister Sir William Garrow, popular playwright John Poole, and the sculptor John Bacon, Jr.; her letters also suggest these powerful figures are pulling strings to persecute her, such as ochestrating her harassment by children in the street, or inserting messages against her into popular stage songs, or staging harassment at the hands of other anonymous conspirators: “you Poor Empty Braind stupid asses, so that you Cannot buy whom you have resolved on Buying Mad you feinds of hell, who little know the Power and strength of an inocent [sic] heart, do you think I shall not be able to bear this, I who have borne all for nearly 8 years, you arse, your arts only serve me to Laugh at. . . . Now Charge you no more of this you foul Villains, for the deeper you sink yourselves in hell, the further you Plunge yourselves from conquering me, a fellow also in Oxford street run by my side, drest in Black and Powder, with a woo woo woo Pretending to Cry, and Exclaiming they wont buy me a Pretty thing, meaning this, to me, with his hankerchief [sic] up to his Eyes, a mockery of my sorrow whereas you know I was Plundered when the Persian Ambassador saild, Plendered [sic] again since of what was sent over for me Plenderd Nearly 8 years ago also shurly the Bowels of hell must yawn to swallow you.” A few early pencil notations (“not sent”) suggest these letters may have been written while Miss Onslow was under confinement and filed away by her caretakers rather than posted. None of the members of the contemporary politically-connected Onslow family would seem to have had any immediate family members who would easily have filled the role of correspondent here, though she may well have been an unfortunate child of a cadet branch. With prelimnary annotated transcripts.

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