A sampling of some of our more recent catalogues. (Clicking the link takes you to a PDF.)

Occasional List 22: Death Doom Destruction

42 interesting and uncommon items dealing in murder and mayhem and destruction both natural and unnatural: murders, prairie fires, vindictive snowfalls, Romantic deaths, a young girl in the coal pits, the romance of the Rosenbergs, glances at funeral practices and other perhaps morbid preoccupations.

Occasional List 23: This Exploits Women

26 items by or about women, from the radical to the whimsical.

Occasional List 24: Protestant Aggression

43 interesting and unusual items dealing with fervent Protestants, including 27 unusual items relating to anti-Catholic sentiments or responses to same.

Occasional List 25: Hands All Around

23 interesting and unusual items created by hand or modified by hand or somehow peculiarly intended for the hand.

Occasional List 26: Live Wire City

33 miscellaneous items ranging across this bookselling concern’s usual array of preoccupations: American manuscript material, a splendid photographic vista of a slaughterhouse, two books from an early American olive oil advocate and reforming 19th century woman vegetarian physician, and the promotion of a school for stammerers.

Occasional List 27: Verify the Truth

29 interesting items--mostly American, mostly 19th century--ranging from a woman's account of killing a rattlesnake outside Dodge City in 1885, to a fine polygraph trade catalog, to 19th century vernacular dust jackets.

Occasional List 29: X+1

11 recent arrivals. Cheap early pulp prostitution exploitation fiction or quack venereal disease clinic promotional material are but a few of the items here offered. The +1 to such concupiscence might be understood to include the detailed early 19th century manuscript account book of a cooperative lottery association, or perhaps the working archive and original dummy of a mid-century Christian ventriloquist.

Occasional List 30: [The Word]

45 interesting obscure items relating to American religion: Child preachers, Religion and Lust, Christocratic Progressive utopias, an Azusa-era Exclusive Brethren tract, etc.

Occasional List 31: Where is Mabel?

30 interesting and unusual items relating to sex and exploitation and anxieties.